Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Delaying The Inevitable

I'm scared of things.  Lots of things.  And there are things that I really don't want to do.
But I usually force myself to do them.  Because eventually I know I will probably have to do them all by myself.

I could ask other people to do things for me but I always feel silly doing that because I know I can do it for myself.  Besides, by the time I ask someone else to do something for me and I explain what it is that I need done, I could have done it for myself.
I try to live my life by making choices that I feel good about but still there are situations I find myself in that I really don't like.  At all.
I don't like certain things that happen when I am at home and I don't like certain situations at work.  However, I don't have control over the majority of things I don't like or am scared of so I end up talking to myself and trying to work my way through these potential walls that could possibly make my life very narrow if I let them.
Everyone has something they're scared about; it's just that I don't want my "scary things" to stop me from enjoying spontaneous times with friends and family.  I listen to my "scarys" but I try never to act on them.  Last week I was invited to join some friends for dinner in a place I was not familiar with at all and I almost didn't go.

All I could imagine was that I was going to get lost and not know how to get out of where I was or I would make a wrong turn anf find myself driving on 95 heading south towards Richmond.  I really hate getting lost when I am by myself.  I talked to myself about the whole situation and how ridiculous it was to feel that way and then Google mapped my directions and then talked to myself again.
And then I went to dinner and had a great time!
Life is full of choices.  It's up to you which ones you decide to make.
You've got the power!!


  1. You are right, Mary Kate. If I can just get past my scary thoughts and force myself to do the frightening thing, it almost always works out. There does come a time, though, that it is ok to ask others for help when it is absolutely necessary. Asking is scary too...

    1. You found out something about yourself when you pushed pass the scary thoughts, Jane, and that is that you are a strong woman with incredible talents and resilience. I'm always thinking good thoughts for you!!