Friday, May 18, 2012

Bella Donna Summer

Talk about someone providing the music of your life.

For me, that would definitely be Donna Summer.

Bad Girls...Hot Stuff...Heaven Knows...On the Radio...Dim All The Lights.

Crank up the jukebox and turn on the disco ball because I can trace boyfriends, Friday night after work blowouts and dancing with my husband to the music of Donna Summer who won five Grammy Awards!  The very last song we played at our wedding reception was "Last Dance."  Summer's music made you feel as though you could dance forever and I think she brought out a little discomania in all of us.

Sadly and too soon, Summer, 63, died yesterday from lung cancer at her home in Florida.

In a 2003 interview with the New York Times, this is what Summer said about her music: "In that period people were in a dance mood.  They wanted to be lifted up, they wanted to have fun, they didn't want to think.  You were coming out of the Vietnam War, the 60's, the protest era, and I was coming out of it as well," she added.  "I think people were just in a different mindset.  When dance music came out with that beat and that movement, it was a switch"

Rest in peace, Donna Summer, for oh my goodness, you were the best!

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