Friday, September 27, 2013

Dancing In September

Earth Wind & Fire's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Another work week grinds to an end and I say ba de ya, it's time for dancing in September!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Friday has arrived in all its glory, and not much feels better than when it is Friday night, you are hangin' with your friends and you have the whole weekend in from of you to relax and enjoy!!
I intend to do some of the usual cleaning and organizing this weekend but I also am going to see friends and have some fun.  When you work as hard as we all do, it's essential to take out some time for yourself to do any kind of activity that helps you lose yourself in what you are doing.  Get off schedule and decompress.
I was curious about the actual health effects of having fun and guess what?  Scientific studies  show that when people work on projects or hobbies that they enjoy, their blood chemistry changes almost immediately in a positive way.  When your blood chemistry is altered this way, it increases your body's resistance to infections and life-threatening disease.  A definite win-win.
Not that you needed a reason to go out and have a good time but just in case you did need one, now you have it!!
One of the things I like to do is dance and I totally lose track of time when I am doing it.  I could care less if I have a partner or not.  If there is a song playing that I love, I cannot sit still.  I will go out on the dance floor and dance by myself.  Of course, it's more fun with someone else but I can't let that keep me from going with beat of the music.

Earth Wind & Fire Performing
So as we glide out of the last Friday in September, click on the link below and let's listen up and groove out to the rockin' sounds of Earth Wind & Fire singing on their official video of "Dancing In September."  And don't forget to check out the band's funky costumes too!  Remember, the song came out in 1978:

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