Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pip's New Song: Who Cares

Exciting News:  Pip, who was a finalist during the second season of  NBC's The Voice, yesterday released his long-awaited debut single, Who Cares.
I know you remember him because Pip has a beautiful voice, he was on Adam Levine's team and he is the one who wore the bow ties.
You have to give a listen to Who Cares (available on iTunes) because it will get you jazzed and make you want to move and groove!!  Also, music is just plain fun and a proven stress buster.  Almost everyone I know (including me) can use a break from stress and tension.

My first reaction to Who Cares: Loved It!  So relax, listen and ENJOY!!!!!! As my cousin Gina says, "This (video) is sooooo cool":

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